Meet The Team

Here at Igniter of Hope, we believe that within each one of us lies an immeasurable potential for greatness. We place tremendous value on our individual strengths; and in the coming together of these strengths, a team emerges, dedicated and focused on guiding you to your best self.

We are committed to changing our world, one life at a time for the better, via a wide range of personal development programs, and backed by a supportive team with one main focus: YOU.

Meet your team of committed developers, geared and focused on helping you identify your life’s passion, conquer challenge and resistance, and achieve the personal and professional results you truly desire.

The Igniter of Hope Team provides individual and group personal and professional development coaching, focused on:

Creating alignment with one’s core beliefs and goals.

Changing current habits that hinder our progress, replacing them with new habits that, through repetition and encouragement, become set at the subconscious level.

Providing accountability and support for taking daily action in pursuit of your personal and/or team goals.

Fostering lasting, duplicable success in any area, with any challenge, so that your growth continues and multiplies exponentially.

It’s Your Time to Take Control and
Get The Results You Are Seeking!

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Mary Bullard Jen Greb Cory DeMaio Tina Hynes Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson Suzanne Victoria
Mary Bullard

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, where hard work and loyalty are highly valued, Mary grew up with that core belief and applies it to every area of her life. In all professional positions that she takes throughout her life, Mary’s love of people drives her to help others.

Mary started her career in the customer service industry which led to jobs in business administration, real estate and project and property management. She had worked hard for 20 years, 17 hours a day, raising two children on her own. And according to Mary, “no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t get ahead financially.”

Due to an economic downturn in the economy and Mary’s employer closing down her business, Mary found herself without a job, for the very first time in her life! There were massive layoffs and many bankruptcies affecting the local economy of 32,000 people; unemployment was high and jobs were scarce. Racking up credit card debt, Mary Bullard, single mom of two incredible teenage boys, decided to find an income opportunity. She had heard of people making money online through network marketing so she spent 12 months researching and interviewing 29 companies before she finally found the ONLY one that felt right to her. This company matches Mary’s values and her vision of helping other people, through love, respect, and partnership. Mary went from broke to a global leader and million-dollar income earner within 5 years, and she continues to create 6-figure income earners globally.

Jen Greb

Jen Greb is a global, at home, entrepreneur, wife and mother of six. She has spent the last fifteen years building businesses and fostering relationships around the country in the direct selling and referral marketing industries. Her passion is helping people maximize their strengths to their fullest potential. It is her joy to guide and support people, especially as it relates to building their financial futures.

She spent the first five years of her professional career in corporate America with an executive search firm staffing both technology and executive positions in the software industry and start up sector. At 26 years old, she left the “American Dream” where she was earning an incredible income so that she could focus on, in her opinion, the most important job in her life, to be a mom.

When she left the corporate world, she sought out opportunities to grow personally and professionally and create options for others who were missing time, money, or freedom in their lives. She has spent more than fifteen years focused on other people’s successes, supporting and guiding them as well as enjoying the life and role of professional entrepreneurial mom at home.

This position with Igniter of Hope continues to fulfill her passion for helping others grow and succeed beyond what they believe is possible for themselves. It is her joy to help clients connect with Igniter of Hope programs. These programs are connecting people to the true talent and capabilities that reside in themselves and helping them achieve Quantum Leaps in success!

Jen received her undergraduate degree in English and Business Management from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Cory DeMaio

Cory has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of areas.  After earning her Bachelor’s degree in 1994 in Business Management, Cory entered the business world; first in retail and then in managing a multi-million dollar medical supply office in New Haven, CT.  Cory then changed careers as her first son was born and entered a long career in the direct sales industry.  Cory was consistently in the top 2% of the company in sales while she also directed a team of over 100 leaders and consultants that she personally recruited and developed.  On many occasions, Cory was a guest speaker at the company’s National Conferences held in Chicago.  For over 14 years, Cory networked within the top levels of this multi-million dollar company.  The impact that she had on others in this company is immeasurable.  Her awards, accolades and commendations include top sales awards, top recruiting achievements, developing leaders, earning all-expenses paid family vacations, cash bonuses, jewelry and much more!

Additionally, Cory is a certified birth and postpartum doula and has provided labor support at the births of over 70 children.  Cory is a community activist with youth organizations and public service groups within her hometown of Wallingford, CT. Cory’s resume is filled with activities and jobs that truly represent who she is.  Her vision is to help others to identify their goals and to then develop the vehicle for them to attain these goals.  Her vision is one of passion and positivity. IOH has identified Cory as a person with the background and drive to make our vision a reality.

The essence of what Cory feels is her true purpose is to support and encourage others to achieve their dreams. Her coaching and guidance will focus on a success-driven mindset and positive attitude. Through the many programs and services IOH offers, Cory can customize personal/professional development that fits any lifestyle and budget! The joy of working with clients is a true gift that she is thankful for each day.

Cory currently lives in CT with her supportive husband, Jeff, their two incredible sons, Samuel and Nathan and their three rescue dogs, Maggie, Faye and Henry.

Tina Hynes

Tina Hynes has spent her professional career in healthcare and nursing. It has been her passion to care for people that has driven her throughout the years to support and encourage others to fulfill their true potential.

Tina challenges herself daily to expand her knowledge and to grow personally and professionally with the goal of becoming a better version of herself every day. Her commitment to her own personal growth has been an inspiring model for her family, her colleagues, and our clients alike.

Tina is an impactful leader dedicated to helping others reach their goals and achieve success. She does so with an innate and genuine kindness that can make anyone feel at ease, yet motivated with inspiration at the same time.

Tina is a wife and mom of three young men and lives in Newfoundland, Canada. Tina exemplifies a mother’s hope for bringing out the best in those she loves through genuine intrigue, gentle encouragement, mindful accountability, and most importantly, love, straight from her core.

Wendy Johnson

Wendy has spent most of her professional career in the healthcare field, keeping the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of others as her core focus. Whether during inpatient psychiatric group therapy sessions, private nutrition-based holistic health and wellness counseling, or traveling throughout the Northeast region of the United States providing ambulatory neurodiagnostic testing, Wendy has an intuitive ability to offer insight, understanding, and support to others.

She has truly embraced the transition to working in the personal development industry and has brought incredible talent to the Igniter of Hope team! This next step has been a perfect culmination of all of her professional experiences, and her passion for supporting others to take action in improving their health and well-being is a complete fit and gift to the team and all of our Igniter of Hope clients!

As an Igniter of Hope project leader and creator of program material, Wendy adds incredible value to the client experience, always leaving everyone with a sense of increase!

Wendy maintains her professional career while being at home and present to raise her beautiful family in the suburbs of Connecticut. As a mom of 3 children and loving wife, she balances her career while setting an exceptional example for her family of commitment, dedication, and the pursuit of helping others achieve their limitless goals.

Wendy Johnson

Dana Berg has essentially been a teacher & coach her entire life, with an amazing personal and professional history grounded in helping others. In the Army Reserves for 8 years, first as a medic, then commissioned an officer after becoming a Nurse, Dana became what her family always knew her to be… a gift to those in need. Although her support of others has taken many forms throughout her life, here at IOH we are most enthralled with the culmination of those experiences, exemplified in Dana’s strength of character & intuition.

Dana has been a Registered Nurse now for 25 years, working in both Emergency and Labor and Delivery, where she has done her fair share of coaching! She consistently receives letters of gratitude from former patients expressing their appreciation for the care she provided, a true testament to her ability to connect and support, even under some of the most intense circumstances. She has also taught numerous prenatal classes, as she has a natural affinity for teaching & speaking.

In addition to her amazing career, Dana volunteered with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for several years in their Customer Service Excellence Program, where she was able to go out into the community & present awards to individuals who had gone above and beyond… a truly soul-nourishing opportunity of bestowing gratitude on others. Currently, Dana volunteers for PAYBAC, a program through her local public school district, where she speaks with the student body about staying in school, staying inspired, & following their dreams.

Dana’s love of inspiring young people stems from an early age, as she remembers being passionate about the Law of Attraction & being exposed to motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar by her father as just a young girl. Studying Bob Proctor and becoming a TIR consultant was a natural progression for Dana, & she embraces a personal philosophy to ‘Live, Love, & Teach the program!’ For this we are beyond grateful to have Dana as an integral part of our Igniter of Hope Team!!

Dana has 4 amazing children, and has hosted 3 foreign exchange students, each for an entire school year. A trio of wonderful experiences for her family, they remain very close with their student guests, and Dana truly believes that expanding her children’s knowledge of the world & how others live has been priceless. All of Dana’s gifts, both innate & learned, come together in this, her most treasured role of Mom.


In Suzanne’s words: “It’s all about Empowerment. Let’s empower ourselves to do amazing things - things that are important to us. We do not find our purpose in our to-do lists… Rather, we discover our purpose, we discover ourselves, when we truly follow our passions! When you are working towards something BIG you feel ALIVE! Where is the adventure in playing safe? Are you ready to wake up in the morning and feel excited about your goals and dreams?!?!”

And Suzanne believes in walking her talk. In 2001, Suzanne and her husband Shawn packed up their two children in their SUV and headed south to Mexico. Despite knowing only a little Spanish, they sought a new playground and the adventure of exploring Puerto Vallarta on the west coast. After a year, Suzanne and her family set off to the Caribbean coast and Playa del Carmen, allowing their desires and passions to lead the way. With her children now grown and having moved back to Canada to create new experiences on their own, Suzanne and her husband have trekked back across the Mexican countryside to the wine valley. This time, they find themselves in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, in search of the perfect property to build Suzanne’s dream of owning a B&B and retreat.

Suzanne’s passion for life and adventure, coupled with her business and entrepreneurial background, make her a perfect fit for our team here at Igniter of Hope. With a degree in Marketing Management, Suzanne has worked in retail management, managed a chain of drugstores, and even hit one of the highest ranks in a network marketing company, which she started so that she could be home with her children. She has been a life coach, business coach, and relationship coach for the past 20 years, and is a certified PGI Thinking Into Results facilitator. And her coaching style? Everything can be done with ease, flow, joy, and love.

Suzanne has been studying the mind since she was 16 years old, and is often heard asking; “What is your bright, BOLD, beautiful dream? What’s holding you back from living it? Let’s find out together, because it’s time to LIVE it!”


Victoria Noble is a new at-home mother and wife, a Child and Youth Care graduate, and an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring the lives of people around the globe. She is committed to personal growth, leadership & impacting the world, one person at a time.

Victoria was born in Calgary, Alberta and was raised in Oakville, Ontario. Victoria grew up with challenging life circumstances as a child and adolescent, which has churned her into an empathetic and self-driven adult. As a result, it is her utmost passion to help children, youth, and adults alike that have faced childhood traumas or challenges to be the best version of themselves and reach their full potential and purpose in life. Victoria is dedicated to not only impacting the lives of people around the world by helping them recognize their innate wealth of capabilities, but to positively change the lives of those she loves as well. Incredibly family-oriented, Victoria is a positive beacon for her daughter, husband, parents, and 7 siblings, and her journey is a shining example of strength and kindness along a resilient path.

Victoria longs to connect with and motivate people on their journey in life. Utilizing the power of her encouraging and creatively written poetry, the relatability and empathy that stems from life experiences, her enthusiastic, optimistic and loving personality, and her unwavering high spiritedness, she is sure to help others dig deep, rise above, and surpass all boundaries as they seek to achieve what is in their heart. We are beyond grateful to have Victoria as an inspiring member of our Igniter of Hope family!