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The Magic was written by best-selling author Rhonda Byrne, who also created the popular film and bestselling book, The Secret and the sequel, The Power. Her personal journey led her to discover the incredible power of the Law of Attraction, which ultimately was the catalyst for turning her life around. 

Rhonda has an incredible ability to see the best in all situations and in all people she meets.  Through her writing, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world positively change their lives.

After explaining how the Law of Attraction works, and revealing how ‘like attracts like’ her amazing revelation is that the key to a truly abundant and happy life lies in the practice of gratitude.

This might not sound like much of a revelation to start with, but evidence shows that the more we practice gratitude and give thanks on a daily basis, the more abundance will begin to flow to us. As well as the well-known metaphysical facts about energy, she bases her opinion on the evidence of her own life and many others who have transformed theirs since discovering the Law of Attraction.

How grateful are you?

Rhonda’s book features a course of exercises, helping us to practice gratitude, which in turn can improve every area of our lives and help to dissolve problems or negative situations we’re experiencing. Many of us believe we’re already grateful, but as Rhonda points out, she thought this was true of herself until she discovered the real power of gratitude. By practicing daily gratitude in every area of our lives we have the power to create dramatic positive results.

Build your ‘attitude of gratitude’

The exercises, designed to be followed every day for 28 days, help us to build an ‘attitude of gratitude’ almost like flexing and training a muscle in a gym. Before we start the daily exercise, the first thing Rhonda recommends is to be specific about our wants. Rhonda suggests we divide our life into categories for example, our profession, our finances, our relationships, our personal desires and material wants and describe exactly what we would like to do, be or have.

Commit to your daily Top Ten

She then suggests on a daily basis every morning listing ten things we’re grateful for (our Top Ten), and then writing down why we’re grateful for them! Thinking about why we’re grateful for something really helps to focus our mind and experience real gratitude. Rhonda also suggests we use a Gratitude Rock. This could be a smooth pebble or stone that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Keep it by your bedside and every night think of something that has happened that day that you’re the most grateful for – hold the Gratitude Rock in your palm and give thanks for whatever it is you’re thinking of.

These daily acts of gratitude help our positive thoughts build up into a permanent uplifting and happy vibe, cultivating this amazing thankful attitude on a daily basis is well worth thinking about!

Gratitude Rock

Each day as well as writing down our Top Ten at the start of each day, and using the Gratitude Rock in the evening before we go to sleep at night, we get to practice a separate daily gratitude. Every exercise is designed to help us appreciate and enhance a different area in our lives, from health and wealth to work and relationships. Do we have relationships in our lives that perhaps aren’t what we want them to be? At work, how often do we harbour bad feelings about how things are? What about our finances and how we feel about money? If we are carrying with us our fears, doubts or worries we will be producing more of the same.

Following the exercises in The Magic can ultimately change the situations we are experiencing that we aren’t happy with. By helping us to monitor our thoughts and by gradually building up our gratitude over 28 days, new ways of thinking become part of everyday life, allowing us to see the things we normally take for granted in a different light. Rhonda helps us to really appreciate what we have, even if it’s not what we’re ultimately aiming for and just by the simple act of practicing gratitude regularly, we start to attract more and more of the good stuff into our lives every day!

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The book The Magic has quite literally changed my life. I have used the 28 day program with ease and grace and I find that it’s so simple to start a habit when the results are so astounding. While I have always been grateful for things in my life, the sustained practice of journaling what you are grateful for focuses your attention on those things that bring you joy. This brings your desires into your life faster than you can imagine. I buy this book for everyone I love! I would not go a single day without practicing the magic.

Anna Vance, Las Vegas

Stories of Magic

It had been so wonderful starting my day with all of you Magic Makers! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I’m going to re-read it with my family over the summer!
Xo, Alberta, Canada
I bought The Magic 4 years ago and practiced only half the book on my own then I lost momentum. It ended up on my book shelf and stayed there for those 4 years. When my Aunt Mary told me she was starting a book club I was stoked because one-I love reading, 2-I love Aunt Mary and I was excited that I would get to talk to her daily ( 😁) 3-I love all the books by Rhonda Byrne and I knew that I still had The Magic book for a reason. Reading The Magic and being with all you beautiful people the past month has altered my state of mind, my energy, mood & outlook on life. The Magic really helped me to practice my gratitude in areas I never thought to practice it and I was so excited to wake up every morning and be a part of it. Thank you all for your kind words, inspiration and support with this book! I am so grateful that I had the chance to be reading this book along with you beautiful & amazing souls! Keep up the gratitude! Xo 😘 see you on the next book!!!
Vicky, Ontario, Canada
I have seriously loved being part of this group on a daily basis! While I had to do more self-study, I truly drew inspiration from all of you! The positive energy literally leaps out of my phone & fills my heart every day❣
Cory, Connecticut, USA
Just made me happy and extremely grateful to be part of the book club….thank you thank you thank you❣
Colleen, Alberta, Canada
So thankful for the IOH book club. What an adventure to be able to share good books over zoom video & the contribution & sharing from everyone made the calls so enjoyable. I received so much abundance & joy from the first book, I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you, thank you, thank you❣
Jami, Colorado, USA
“The Magic” IOH Bookclub has been a blessing this past month. My early morning accountability partners! I can’t think of a better way to start my day❣ So grateful❣
Wynne, Saskatchewan, Canada
I have read The Magic in the past & never experienced what this book club reading has done! Checking in daily, hearing things a little differently & of course all of Mary’s insights have made this experience epic. I literally believe that anything is possible. My life has just begun to prove that theory. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have participated. I am eternally grateful❣
Anastasia, Nevada, USA
Being a part of IOH Book Club motivates me to jump out of bed every morning with excitement & sets a positive vibe for the rest of my day-day in & day out❣
Vicky, Ontario, Canada
It was so magical to wake up each morning to all the beautiful faces on our video meeting & sharing stories & reading the magic together. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by positive loving people. This group has helped me tremendously with accountability. I cannot wait until the next book❣
Tina, Newfoundland, Canada