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Are you ready for a breakthrough to you2?

  • Do you feel like you’ve leveled off or hit a wall?
  • Do you have ideas and talents that aren’t being tapped?
  • Are you carrying a big ambition that you have a burning desire to pursue?

Those are signals. You and your organization may be poised for breakthrough…a quantum leap to grand slam results.

Price Pritchett was born December 14, 1941, near Glenwood, Arkansas.

Pritchett grew up on a flat, dusty, windblown farm some 80 miles south of Amarillo, Texas. The land and Mother Nature schooled him on uncertainty and change. As a kid he learned how to live through farming’s good times and bad…how to face reality yet remain an optimist…and how, in the end, what really matters is hard results.

He developed a deep respect for economy of means—getting the most done with the least effort, eliminating waste, and focusing on what counts most.

This history helps explain PRITCHETT’s belief system and style.

We are minimalists in our approach.

We believe in speed.

We think time is money.

We believe rapid results count more than pretty reports and slick slide decks.

We know less can be more.

In 1974, he founded the Dallas-based Pritchett & Associates (now PRITCHETT, LP), the first firm in the U.S. to specialize in merger integration strategy. Pritchett’s work in mergers and change management spawned a popular series of small, tightly written handbooks covering an array of topics including mergers, large scale change, leadership, culture, plus personal and organizational performance.

Most of the Fortune 500 have used some combination of the company’s consulting, training, and handbooks. With over 20 million of Dr. Pritchett’s 30+ books and handbooks in print, many translated into other languages, he stands as one of the bestselling business authors in the world.                        

Just remember, unconventional success calls for unconventional approaches. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy—we try harder, but just keep doing more of the same.

Price Pritchett’s you2 strategy says, “Try easier.”

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been touched by his fast-growth formula with its 14 counter-intuitive moves for breakthrough performance.

Let you2 release the amazing firepower you have bottled up inside.

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