Muscle testing, also referred to as applied kinesiology, is quantum physics and a science which is used in many modalities. Muscle testing is a procedure we go through that tests our muscle reaction to a yes or no question. Your body is an electrical system made up of energy.  When asked a yes or no question, your body either strengthens or weakens. The subconscious mind knows the answers to anything pertaining to you, so through muscle testing, we can narrow down what beliefs you hold that are not serving you in a positive way any more.

Are you READY to know what’s holding you back from a BETTER Life, BETTER relationships, More Success….

What should I expect from an Igniter of Hope Muscle Testing Session?

During your video zoom Muscle Testing session, you will learn how to muscle test effectively and be able to receive any answer to any personal question you have not been clear on.   Depending on what area you would like to focus on, for example Health & Wellness, Finances/ Income, or Relationships, you will be ask you a series of yes or no questions.  The answers to those questions will indicate which ones you test weaker on and serve as a pivotal step on your journey to unblocking what holds you back from achieving your life’s desires.

Health is the Greatest Gift of all!

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Contentment is the Greatest Wealth of all!

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Faithfulness is the Best Relationship of all!

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